Investing in Atlanta! 4 Things you should know before buying!

Everyone has heard Atlanta is a growing city and is the perfect place to invest in the Real Estate Market. Many international investors are swarming to the city buying up properties left and right, but some may currently be dealing with what we like to call Buyers Remorse! As a property management company in Atlanta, we find the KEY component to investing is Research, Research, Research! It is all about knowing the areas that you are going to invest in. I encourage all investors to spend a few days in Atlanta to get an idea of the areas BEFORE PURCHASING! Once you find a home do your due diligence! Check out the surrounding neighborhoods, check out the crime in the area, check out the school districts, and try to gauge if the community is on its way up or down. Pay attention to how many rentals you see on the market in the neighborhood you are looking to purchasing in. Remember no matter how newly renovated a property is that doesn’t change the surrounding neighborhoods.

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